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Groundwater plays a critical role in the global water cycle and is the drinking source for almost half of the world’s population. However, exact quantification of its storage change remains elusive due primarily to limited ground observations in space and time. The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) twin-satellite data have provided global observations of water storage variations at monthly sampling for over a decade and a half, and is enable to estimate changes in groundwater storage (GWS) after removing other water storage components using auxiliary datasets and models. In this paper, we present an overview of GWS changes in three main aquifers within China using GRACE data, and conduct a comprehensive accuracy assessment using in situ ground well observations and hydrological models. GRACE detects a significant GWS depletion rate of 7.2 ± 1.1 km^3/yr in the North China Plain (NCP) during 2002–2014, consistent with ground well observations and model predictions. The Liaohe River Basin (LRB) experienced a pronounced GWS decline during 2005–2009, at a depletion rate of 5.0 ± 1.2 km^3/yr. Since 2010, GRACE-based GWS reveal a slow recovery in the LRB, with excellent agreement with ground well observations. For the whole study period 2002–2014, no significant long-term GWS depletion is found in the LRB nor in the Tarim Basin. A case study in the Inner Tibetan Plateau highlights there still exist large uncertainties in GRACE-based GWS change estimates.
Remote Sensing, 2018.

The rate of groundwater depletion in North China based on GRACE was 2.2 +/- cm/yr from 2003-2010, which is equivalent to a volume of 8.3 +/- 1.1 km^3/yr.
Water Resources Research, 2013.

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NSFC (grant no. 41431070)

Mass balance of the glaciers in Karakoram and Himalaya Mountain Ranges

NSFC (grant no. 41674084)

Surface deformation and groundwater storage variations in the North China Plain


  • IAG Fellow, 2023-now
  • Outstanding paper award of 2015 Annual Meeting of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, China, 2015
  • K. C. Wong education foundation scholarship, Hong Kong, China, 2014
  • National excellent graduate student award, Ministry of Education of China, 2012
  • Sino-French joint PhD scholarship (CAS/CNRS), China, 2011
  • Outstanding paper award of 26th Annual Meeting of Chinese Geophysical Society, China, 2010
  • Outstanding paper award of 4th Graduate Forum of National Geodesy and Space Science, China, 2009
  • Excellent graduate student award, Hohai University, China, 2007

  • 国际大地测量与地球物理联合会(IUGG)下一代卫星重力计划(NGGM)工作组成员

  • 国际大地测量学会(IAG)“重力反演与地球系统质量迁移”委员会 主席

  • 国际大地测量学会(IAG))“重力场”委员会 执行委员

  • 国际大地测量学会(IAG)“大地测量与气候变化”委员会 执行委员

  • 国际大地测量学会(IAG)“质量迁移信号数值模拟”工作组 副主席

  • “优秀论文奖”,中国水利学会,2015年

  • 中国科学院王宽诚教育基金会奖学金,国际会议项目,2014年

  • 中国地球物理学会“科技进步二等奖”(排名7),2013 年

  • “优秀论文奖”,第26届中国地球物理学会、地震学会联合学术大会,2010年

  • “优秀论文奖”,第4届全国大地测量与空间信息研究生学术论坛,2009年

  • “昌华奖学金”,中国科学院武汉分院,2012年

  • 湖北省第14届自然科学优秀学术论文,三等奖,2012年

  • “研究生国家奖学金”,教育部/财政部,2012年

  • “测绘科技进步一等奖”(排名9),中国测绘学会,2012年

  • “中法联合博士培养专项奖学金”,中国科学院,2011年

  • “三好学生”、“三好学生标兵”,中国科学院研究生院,2008、2009、2010年

  • “优秀研究生奖学金”,中国科学院测量与地球物理研究所,2008-2009和2009-2010学年

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  • 第四届全国大地测量与空间信息研究生学术论坛(优秀论文奖,口头报告),南京, 2009.4
  • Asia Pacific Space Geodynamics (APSG) Program 2009:Space Geodesy for Earth Environment Change and Disaster Monitoring (Oral), Urmuqi, China, 2009.8
  • 第25届中国地球物理年会,合肥, 2009.10
  • 第20届中国极地年会(口头报告),福州,2009.11
  • Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting 2010 (WPGM) (Oral), Taipei, 2010.6
  • 2010 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium, Bergen, Norway, 2010.6
  • 总参测绘研究所-测地所学术交流会议,西安,2010.7
  • Asia Pacific Space Geodynamics (APSG) Program 2010 (Oral), Shanghai, China, 2010.8
  • 第26届地球物理学会、地震学会联合学术大会(口头报告),宁波,2010.10
  • International DORIS Service (IDS) Analysis Working Group Meeting (Oral), Paris, France, 2011.5
  • AGU Fall Meeting 2011 (Poster), San Francisco, California, USA, 2011.12
  • Geoinformatics2012 Conference (Oral), HongKong, China, 2012.6
  • EGU meeting 2013 (Oral+Poster), Vienna, Austria, 2013.4
  • APSG 2013 (Oral), Columbus, USA, 2013.10
  • GRACE Science Team Meeting 2013 (Oral), Austin, USA, 2013.10
  • AGU Fall Meeting (Invited Oral), San Francisco, USA, 2013.12
  • EGU meeting 2014 (Poster), Vienna, Austria, 2014.4
  • The 3rd International Gravity Field Service (IGFS) General Assembly (Oral), Shanghai, China, 2014.6
  • 5th International Workshop on Multi-observations an Interpretations of Tibet, Xinjiang and Siberia (TibXS) (Oral), Guiyang, China, 2014.8
  • Sino-German Symposium on Gravitational Physics in Space (Oral), Hannover, Germany, 2015.9
  • Global Gravity Field Modeling from Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Data
  • 中国地球科学联合学术年会(邀请报告),北京,2015.10
  • 中国水利学会2015学术年会(优秀论文奖,口头报告),南京,2015.10
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  • International Symposium on Geodesy and Geophysics (ISGG) (Oral), Tianjin, 2016.7
  • 13th Annual Meeting Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS2016) (Oral), Beijing, 2016.7
  • International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2016 (Oral), Thessaloniki, Greece,2016.9
  • 43rd International Association of Hydrogeologists International Congress (Oral), Montpellier, France,2016.9
  • GRACE Science Team Meeting 2016 (Oral), GFZ Potsdam, 2016.10
  • 第二届卫星重力与水文学研讨会(口头报告),北京,2017.6
  • 8th International Workshop on Multi-observations an Interpretations of Tibet, Xinjiang and Siberia (TibXS) (Oral), Mohe, China, 2017.8
  • IAG Workshop: Satellite Geodesy for Climate Studies (Oral, Session Convener), Bonn, Germany, 2017.9
  • 大地测量与导航专委会2017学术年会(口头报告),广州,2017.9